Israel resumes exercises to carry out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities

The Israeli Air Force has resumed its exercises to carry out a possible military strike on Iranian nuclear sites, two years after these exercises were suspended, according to news reports published by “Channel 12” and the “Times of Israel” website.

Reports indicated that the head of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, ordered the financing of this step, which comes against the backdrop of the faltering US efforts to bring Tehran back to the negotiating table for a new nuclear agreement.

According to reports, Israel, and possibly Washington as well, understands that a military plan must be provided in case diplomacy fails, and that it will be difficult to persuade Iran to negotiate without a viable military option.

Earlier, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the confrontation with Iran was just a matter of time, “not much time.”

The newspaper quoted Lieberman as saying, on Thursday, that Iran’s nuclear program will not be stopped by any diplomatic process or agreement.

Israel had approved a billion-dollar budget to enhance its capabilities to target a nuclear Iran.

The Israeli government has approved a budget of 5 billion shekels, equivalent to 1.5 billion dollars, to enhance its capabilities to target the Iranian nuclear program.

Sources said the money would go toward aircraft, intelligence gathering, and possibly the use of satellites, among other options.

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