Watch an entire region devastated by a gas explosion in China

A Chinese city woke up Thursday morning to a gas explosion that leaked from a barbecue restaurant, killing 3 people on the spot and wounding 30 others, and it shook an entire area in Shenyang, capital of China’s northeastern “Liaoning” Province, according to several news agencies, citing media. Chinese media.

In a statement issued by local officials, the incident, which occurred at 8:20 am, “caused the destruction of a number of shops and residential buildings in the area,” according to what appears to be a video presented by “Al” below, and it quickly spread as other clips on the communication sites and the media.

In the statement, they also confirmed that the authorities had opened an investigation to find out the cause of the explosion, which rescue teams had rushed to its place, providing emergency services, and 35 fire engines were deployed, in addition to 110 firefighters from 3 different fire stations.

The footage broadcast by some local TV stations showed bright and huge flashes of lightning, which preceded the sound of a series of explosions caused by the gas explosion. In still photos, vehicles were completely destroyed, entire sides of the buildings were demolished, and the glass in them was broken.

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