The Korean missile “Nuri” failed to put a dummy payload into orbit

On Thursday, South Korea launched the first fully national-designed space rocket with the aim of putting a cargo into orbit, according to scenes broadcast by television stations, but the experiment failed.

The failure of the launch of this missile , while this Asian country seeks to join the club of advanced countries in the field of space.

The “Korean Satellite Launching Missile 2” known as “Nuri” took off from the Gohung rocket launch site in a column of flames to try to put a payload weighing one and a half tons into orbit at an altitude of 600 to 800 km.

It took South Korea ten years to develop a three-layer missile that cost 2,000 billion won (1.46 million euros).

The missile weighs 200 tons, is 47.2 meters long, and is equipped with six engines that run on liquid fuel.

South Korea is the 12th economic power in the world, and one of the most technologically advanced countries, and one of its most prominent companies in this field is Samsung Electronics Group, the largest manufacturer of smart phones and electronic chips in the world.

But South Korea remained behind in space travel, which was opened by the Soviet Union with the launch of the first satellite in 1957, followed by the United states

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