Explosions for the first time .. an attack on an American base in Syria

In a first-of-its-kind targeting of the military base, explosions erupted at the Al-Tanf military base of the International Coalition, on Wednesday evening, as a result of bombing by drones

In the details, Al-Qaeda lived on a security alert this afternoon, in an area of ​​55 square kilometers near the military headquarters of the coalition, in which British forces are stationed, specifically at the Iraqi-Jordanian-Syrian border triangle, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

From Syria, not Iraq

The information confirmed that the coalition forces deployed in the vicinity of the base, coinciding with the arrival of information about the targeting of its headquarters by drones, while the armed faction in the headquarters emptied its vehicles to transfer them to other points that were equipped with mobile medical points.

Meanwhile, an Iraqi security source linked to the international coalition stated that 5 booby-trapped drones targeted al-Qaeda in Syria, adding that the attack was carried out from inside Syrian territory

America confirms

Hours after the attack, US officials reported that an explosion occurred at an American site in southern Syria, on Wednesday, without reports of American casualties as a result of the explosion.

Meanwhile, the US Central Command, “Centcom”, announced that the base had been subjected to a coordinated and deliberate attack through marches and indirect fire, according to initial reports.

And its spokesman, Bill Urban, explained, in a statement, that there are no injuries among the Americans, while communicating with partners to see if they have any injuries.

He added that the US forces reserve the right to self-defense and the right to respond at the time and place of their choosing, according to the statement.

It is noteworthy that the media affiliated with the regime in Syria had confirmed that there had been explosions at the Al-Tanf base of the American forces after it was targeted by drones.

She added that a military official in the US Central Command confirmed that it had been subjected to missile strikes.

The US military base Al-Tanf was established to combat ISIS in 2016

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