China’s supersonic missiles worry US President

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday expressed concern about China’s supersonic missiles, days after a news report about Beijing testing a hypersonic weapon capable of carrying nuclear warheads.00:13 / 00:15AD

Replied Biden , the word “yes”, in response to a reporter ‘s question when he was preparing to board the presidential plane heading to the state of Pennsylvania whether he is concerned about China ‘s missile supersonic speed, according to Reuters news 

Supersonic missiles  launch in the upper layers of the atmosphere at velocities more than 5 times the speed of sound , or about 6200 kilometers per hour.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the validity of a report published by the Financial Times earlier this week, in which it stated that China tested a weapon last August that made its way through space and orbited around the Earth before descending towards its goal, which it eventually missed

 The British newspaper, quoting 5 unnamed intelligence sources, said that last August, the Chinese army launched the ” Long March ” or ” Long March ” missile , carrying a ” skid vehicle ” on board. supersonic that flew in low orbit around the world.”

The newspaper pointed out that “the sliding vehicle orbited the globe before descending towards its target, which it missed by about 32 kilometers.”

The sources revealed that the new system is capable of “overcoming the American anti-ballistic missile defense systems located in Alaska, which were prepared to drop incoming projectiles over the Arctic.” – the Chinese system will be able to strike the United States from the south.”

She stated that the incident ” amazed US intelligence officials , as it shows that China has made amazing progress in developing its hypersonic weapons

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