Bags of banknotes under the rubble of the central bank in Mosul


An AFP correspondent reported that bags containing damaged banknotes were found in the treasury of the Central Bank in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where ISIS seized millions of dollars.

Bundles of damaged banknotes

In the massive destroyed building, whose roof is still charred, an AFP video cameraman saw workers pulling several black plastic bags containing bundles of dinar banknotes from a hole in the ground .

“During the liberation operations, the central bank building was subjected to an air strike,” Hussein al-Zaidi, director of the Central Bank of Mosul, told AFP.

He added, “After the beginning of the rehabilitation operations of the building and the removal of rubble, we were able to enter inside the treasury and discovered the presence of coins inside the bags of small denominations. The coin was damaged and damaged very badly as a result of the treasuries drowning in groundwater following the air strike” during the attack to restore Mosul from the terrorists

He said that about 175 bags have been found so far, without specifying the exact amount.

During the ISIS takeover of Mosul in the summer of 2014, hundreds of millions of dollars and gold bars deposited in the vaults of the central bank branch in Mosul fell into the hands of terrorists.

And ISIS made Mosul the “capital” of what it called the “caliphate state,” which it declared in the vast areas it occupied in 2014 in the border region between Iraq and Syria.

At the end of 2017, Iraq announced its victory over the terrorists, before defeating the organization in Syria in 2019.

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