Watch a seventy-year-old woman give birth to a baby and leave doctors stunned

She has been trying to have children since she got married at the age of 25 45 years ago, but always to no avail, until the doctors lost their attempts with her, until Jivunben Rabari, who resides in the town of Mora in the state of Gujarat, extending in the far west of India on the Gulf of Oman in the Arabian Sea, surprised them, and left them in Astonished, she gave birth last Monday to a child through artificial insemination, even though she is 70 years old.

The doctor who helped her give birth, told the media that she and her husband, who is five years older than her, came, “so we told them that it was impossible to get pregnant and give birth to those of her advanced age, but she insisted, and said that a number of their family members tried and gave birth, which she also managed, and this is one of the rarest cases I’ve ever seen,” he said

Another Indian woman, Mangayama Yaramati, became the oldest mother in the world in 2019, after giving birth to twin children through artificial insemination as well, although she was 74 years old that year.

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