UN Security Council holds emergency session on North Korea

Diplomatic sources said that the UN Security Council will hold an emergency closed session Wednesday on North Korea, which confirmed that it had successfully tested a “new-class” ballistic missile from a submarine.

A diplomatic source said the session will be held at the request of Britain and the United States and will begin on Wednesday afternoon. According to another diplomatic source, Paris later joined its partners Washington and London in requesting this session .

The announcement of the date of this session came after North Korea confirmed that it had successfully test-launched a “new type” of ballistic missile from a submarine, a news that, if confirmed, means that the country that possesses nuclear weapons has the ability to launch a second strike .

The official North Korean news agency said that the missile launched on Tuesday has “many advanced technologies in the areas of control and guidance,” noting that it was launched from the same submarine that Pyongyang used five years ago when it announced its first test of a sea-to-surface strategic ballistic missile. .

The official newspaper, “Rodong Sinmun”, published pictures in which the missile appeared in black and white color as it made its way towards the sky from the calm sea water, behind it a column of fire and smoke, while another picture appeared as a submarine emerging from under the water’s surface .

If it is already confirmed that North Korea has the ability to launch ballistic missiles from submarines, this means that the closed country has raised its military arsenal to a new level, as this technology allows it to deploy its ballistic weapons away from the Korean Peninsula and provides it with the opportunity to strike a second strike if its platforms are hit. Land, fixed or mobile, designated for launching missiles .

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