All its passengers survived.. Video of a plane falling down and being devoured by fire

On takeoff near Houston, Texas, a plane carrying 21 people crashed on Tuesday. However, all the passengers and crew members managed to get out of it before the fire engulfed it.

It is noteworthy that the aircraft, powered by two engines, is a McDonald Douglas and was bound for Boston, and the fire completely destroyed it.

‘finished in the best possible way’

For his part, Steven Woodard, Sergeant for the Public Security Agency in Texas, announced during a press conference, “All the people who were on the plane, including 18 passengers and three crew members, survived,” noting that one person was slightly injured.

For his part, director of local emergency services Tim Gibson said that the passengers were able to exit the plane. He explained that they “were very shocked,” stressing that the accident “ended in the best possible way.”

The accident happened shortly after 10:00 local time.

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