A video that ignites the anger of the Iranians..a woman arrested using a dog catching machine

Activists circulated a video clip showing the moment Iranian police arrested a woman with a machine designed to catch dogs and stray animals.

The clip, which was posted online last week, shows a policeman dragging the woman by the hair with the help of another woman, while another person drags her into a police car with a dog catcher

The incident angered Iranians on social media as a result of the excessive use of violence in arresting the woman, some of whom stated that she was arrested for not wearing a headscarf.

However, a senior officer in the Tehran police, where the incident occurred, denied this in statements to the Iranian Students’ News Agency.

Colonel Mourad Moradi said, “The investigations showed that the arrest was not related to the headscarf, but rather as a result of her violent actions and her resistance to the police.

It should be noted that the laws in Iran require women to wear a head covering that covers their hair and neck, but some women in major cities do not fully abide by these rules and reveal part of their hair.

Iranian women organize demonstrations against the compulsory veil that often end in their arrest, and dozens of opponents of the imposition of the veil on women are held in Iranian prisons

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