“Love in the Time of Flood” .. Two Indians went to their wedding in a cooking pot

It is common for the grooms to arrive at the wedding ceremonies, in the midst of celebrations and care, but an Indian man went with his bride to the “day of life”, in unimaginable circumstances.

According to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, the Indian couple rode a large cooking pot, amid the water that flooded the street, to go to the wedding celebration in Kerala, in the south of the Asian country.

Reports stated that the couple brought the large pot from one of the religious temples that they usually use to serve food, during massive celebrations.

The couple was keen to celebrate the wedding despite the floods that swept the region and killed 27 people in various parts of the state

The bride and groom managed to reach the wedding venue safely in a temple, which was exposed only to a slight flood.

Upon arriving at the wedding site, the bride and groom exchange two garlands of roses, in keeping with Hindu custom.

The couple, Ikash and Aisha Wariya, both work in the health sector and said they had refused to postpone the marriage due to the totally unfavorable weather conditions.

This marriage took place while the authorities’ efforts continued to save survivors amid the devastation caused by the flood in Kerala

The local authorities stated that they have evacuated thousands of people from the area, while about 100 camps are being prepared to receive them, until the area is able to overcome the crisis

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