New photos of the Somali attacker who killed the British MP

The British accused of Somali origin, Ali Harbi Ali , who was born 25 years ago in Britain with her nationality, appeared in a video released by Scotland Yard yesterday, and his footage was filmed by a public surveillance camera, which is past last Friday morning to where he made 17 stab wounds, with which British MP David was killed. Amess, while assembled with a number of his electors, discusses with them their claims to Leigh-on-Sea, a distant town in Essex, in the east of England, 40 kilometers from London.

His father, Harbi Ali Klan, a former advisor to the Prime Minister of Somalia, admitted last Saturday that his son was being detained by the Scotland Yard Anti-Terrorism Service, which classified what he had done as a terrorist act, and that its investigations indicated that he “did it alone, after he turned to extremism via the Internet, Especially during the closures imposed by the authorities due to the emerging “Corona”, so it is likely that it was motivated by extremism,” according to what was reported by British media, quoting investigators.

Although his killing of the Tory MP for 40 years was a heinous crime that shook British society at every level and at all levels, the family of the murdered MP called for tolerance and putting hate aside, and working for solidarity, and said in a statement: “We ask people to Putting their differences aside, showing kindness and love to all, is the only way forward, putting aside hate and working together

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