A sword from the time of the Crusaders, found by an Israeli diver near Haifa

Last Saturday, an Israeli amateur diving found archaeological finds, which appeared to him after the storms stirred sand that was covered by a seabed south of Haifa, most of them are stone and iron anchors for ships, with broken pottery vessels, in addition to what aroused his interest more, a sword of Iron, its handle is 30 centimeters, and its blade is about a meter long.

From the shape of the sword, and what accumulated on it of seashells and cohesive sea soil, as well as mud, as appears in a video presented by “Al” below, the diver who found it at a shallow bottom, 4 to 5 meters deep, realized that it is an important archaeologist, so he hurried He handed it over to the "Israel Antiquities Authority" and told it of the rest of what was found, which gave him a certificate of appreciation.

From a preliminary and quick examination, it is likely that what I received from Shlomi Katzin and found it in excellent condition, it was a fighter during the time of the Crusades, and they may come out after studying it with more information about the arrival of the Crusaders to the region “because the shape of the sword and the location in which it was found confirm its Crusader origin,” in the opinion of Kobi Sharvit is head of the Marine Archeology Unit in Israel.

Sharvit explained the reason to the Israeli and other media, and said yesterday that Haifa's coast is rich in natural archipelagos and bays, which made ships in ancient Palestine resort to it as a refuge and shelter when facing storms at sea. This sea area was ideal for building small ports, which attracted ships looking for a haven and a resting place, so those on board left many archaeological finds behind, and some of them were found in recent months at the bottom of the sea, which indicates that the site was being used as a small port , even since the Late Bronze Age 4000 years ago.

Fallen from a ship, or was one of them wrecked
Sharvit also mentioned that technicians from the Antiquities Authority "have only now begun to remove the sediment from the sword, and then we will subject it to an X-ray examination, to see if it was manufactured locally or brought by a Crusader, or perhaps we find signs on its handle or blade indicating its owner, and any crusader affair." He belongs, or the Crusade in which he participated,” adding that if it was from the time of the first campaign, “it is more than 900 years old,” because the campaigns on the East began in 1099 and were followed by many campaigns targeting the “Holy Land” and its surroundings, whose motive was colonial with a religious cover.

The handle of the sword may bear indications of who its owner was
The handle of the sword may bear indications of who its owner was
Those campaigns, which began at the end of the 11th century AD, did not end until two centuries after their launch in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and some islands in the Mediterranean, according to what “Al” summarizes what the British newspaper “The Times” also mentioned about the sword, with a report in which it stated that: The victory of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi in 1187 over them in the "Battle of Hattin" west of Tiberias, was the main reason for the departure of the participants in the last campaign on the area in which only traces of land and sea remained, including the sword that the diver found 200 meters from the shore "where he fell" from a ship, or he was in one that crashed there," Charvet believes 

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