A horrific picture… Female athletes slaughtered in Afghanistan and players seeking help

Since mid-August, hundreds of male and female athletes in Afghanistan have been living in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, as a result of the violations carried out by the Taliban movement that controlled the country, and its bleak history during its previous rule.

In the newness of these violations, activists accused the movement of beheading a female volleyball player , one of 30 players who could not flee the country with the Taliban’s coming to power

Afghan activist Zala Zazai revealed in a tweet on Twitter today, Tuesday, that the Taliban killed a national women’s volleyball player. She added that the players who were not so lucky to escape need help. “A player was killed by these terrorists, and we don’t want to lose our other players. They are trapped in Kabul and no one listens to them.

It also published two pictures of the player, one with the women’s team, and another after she was beheaded by Taliban elements.

Please evacuate us.

For her part, Mazjan Sadat, a player on the women’s team, appealed to the international community and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help the Afghan players.

“One of our players was killed by these terrorists and we don’t want to lose other players. They are stuck in Kabul and no one has heard our voices. Please evacuate us,” she wrote on Twitter

Earlier in September, dozens of players and sports coaches fled to Pakistan, leaving behind everything they had accomplished in 20 years.

While players from the volleyball team hid for nearly 3 months, fearing the Taliban, some team members moved between provinces to avoid detection.

It is noteworthy that during the first rule of the Taliban from 1996 to 2001, women were largely excluded from public life, and were rarely able to leave their homes.

They were also deprived of education and travel, as well as working in most jobs and sectors, or participating in many sports activities.

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