Video.. an amazing rescue operation after a child fell into a well in Iraq

The Civil Defense teams in the Iraqi city of Mosul announced the success of rescuing a one-and-a-half-year-old child after he fell into a well “50 meters deep and with a narrow diameter of only half a meter.” 

The Civil Defense stated on its Facebook page that “it was impossible to unload a man from the Civil Defense due to the narrowness of the well, so a volunteer boy with a slender body was used. His feet were tied and he lowered him vertically to the bottom of the well so that he could reach the child, and he carried him tightly, so that the two were then lifted.” 

The rescue forces added that the child and the boy reached the top of the well “peacefully, with the speedy provision of first aid to the child, and thankfully, his health condition was stable.”

The Civil Defense transmitted a video clip that showed the process of taking out the boy and the child with him, amid encouragement from the attendees who encouraged the boy by chanting “Oh hero”, before the symptoms of dizziness appeared on the boy, who was immediately supplied with oxygen. 

She also published pictures of the small child and the size of the well after he was taken out. 

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