Medical advice for women..don’t eat like men

A British doctor advises women who face a problem not to lose weight, despite their commitment to a diet, not to imitate men in this area.

Doctor Sarah Gottfried says, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, on Monday, that many diets followed by women fail, because they are designed for men.

The British doctor believes that women lose control of their weight in their thirties, due to stress, the requirements of motherhood and advancing age.

She stated that she faced many women who made great efforts to lose excess fat, by exercising and eating properly.

She said that problems like this start in middle age, when getting rid of body fat becomes more difficult than before, noting that women express their frustration that the same steps followed by men lead to better results

She added that the solution is not found in calculating the calories spent or recording the miles women walk, but in understanding the female hormones

She stressed that women should follow a hormone-focused diet, so that foods support metabolism-boosting hormones, and it is preferable to avoid foods and life habits that slow down the metabolism and contribute to the body’s early aging.

Among the foods recommended by the British doctor are healthy fats, especially omega-3 fats found in oily fish, nuts, and adding avocado oil to salads, as this helps you feel full.

The doctor recommends avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates

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