Facebook documents expose it… What did it say about “hate speech”?

A press report stated that the giant of social networking sites, “Facebook”, only deleted 2% of hate speech posts on its pages, in a new blow to the site, which is still suffering from the huge malfunction that hit it early this month.

American newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal”, reported that it had obtained internal Facebook documents showing the extent of the problem with the blue site, despite CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s repeated promises to moderate the content.

According to the documents, the artificial intelligence programs that Facebook relies on were only able to delete 2% of the total hate speech posts.

This information contradicts the statements of the officials on the Blue website that the artificial intelligence they use is efficient and effective.

And Zuckerberg said in testimony before the US Congress , last summer: “In terms of fighting hate , we’ve built advanced systems.”

And in 2019, a prominent scientist warned that artificial intelligence was ineffective in the case of Facebook, which was confirmed by the recently leaked documents.

“The problem is that we don’t have a model that is able to capture the majority of harmful content,” he said at the time.

Paradoxically, the expert estimated that the artificial intelligence systems in the blue site only removed 2 percent of the harmful content, which violates the rules of the platform

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