China comments on the reports of the “terrifying missile”… and the Americans are waiting.

On Monday, China officially commented on Western media reports that Beijing had tested a new type of hypersonic missile, describing it as a “terrifying weapon.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang told reporters that the test that took place belonged to a spacecraft, according to Agency France-Presse.

“This test was a routine spacecraft test aimed at testing reusable spacecraft technology,” the spokesperson added.

And this technology, which is increasingly being developed by space companies in the world, allows to significantly reduce the costs of space launches.

Urging him to clarify whether he considered the newspaper’s report wrong, Zhao answered in the affirmative.

news report 

And the British newspaper “Financial Times” reported, on Sunday, that Beijing this summer tested a new type of missile, noting that it had conducted a test on a “spacecraft”.

The British newspaper, quoting sources who said they were familiar with the experience, said that in August, Beijing launched a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, which flew around the Earth in a low orbit before landing towards its target, which failed by 32 km, according to three sources

In international reactions, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that the United States is closely watching China’s development of advanced weapons systems.

But Austin refused to comment on the “Financial Times” report on Beijing’s test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, according to “Reuters”.

Austin was speaking at a news conference during a visit to Georgia.

International competition in the field of missiles

Besides Beijing, the United States, Russia and at least five other countries are developing hypersonic technology.

Ballistic missiles fly at a high altitude in space in an arc-shaped trajectory to reach their target, while hypersonic missiles fly on a low trajectory in space and are able to reach their target faster.

Most importantly, the hypersonic missile can be controlled, making it more difficult to track and intercept.

Countries like the United States have developed systems designed to defend themselves against ballistic and cruise missiles, but nothing is known about the ability to track and shoot down a hypersonic missile

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