Watch.. Iran police detain and arrest a woman for not wearing a headscarf

A shocking video that rocked social media in Iran shows the brutality of the morality police with women who do not wear the hijab.

Yesterday, Thursday, the famous Iranian activist, Masih Alinejad , published a video on her Twitter account, showing that the morality police forcefully arrested a woman for not wearing the veil.

These scenes were accompanied by a comment in which she said that the morality police had arrested the woman with a tool used to chase the animal and threw her into the truck.

Another activist commented, “What is the real Iran we’re talking about? It’s what you see here (in the video)”, adding, “Women are routinely harassed, beaten and violently arrested in public for not wearing the obligatory veil.”

“White Wednesday”

It is noteworthy that Masih Alinejad, who resides in New York City, has launched a series of prominent campaigns for Iranian women’s rights, including the ” White Wednesday ” campaign , which calls on women in Iran to protest against compulsory veil laws by wearing the white veil every Wednesday.

The activist has garnered widespread support among women and girls in Iran in recent years.

punish women

It is noteworthy that, according to Amnesty International, women and girls in Iran, even those who are not yet seven years old, are forced to wear the hijab. The system treats those who do not do so as “criminals” and is arrested and punished.

The country’s morality police keep all women under surveillance. Its members roam the city streets in their vehicles and have the power to stop any woman for any reason they see fit.

The penalty for catching a woman who is not veiled also includes arrest, detention, imprisonment, flogging, or the payment of a fine, according to the organization.

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