The Shigella virus crisis ignites Jordan.. Some schools are out of service

On Sunday, the Ministry of Education in Jordan announced the suspension of school hours in the governorates of Jerash and Ajloun, in the north of the country, for one day.

Jordanian media quoted the Education Spokesman, Ahmed Al-Masafah, as saying that the suspension came as a result of the discovery of the Shigella germ .

He added that the suspension of school hours depends on the health developments in the schools concerned.

He said that school hours were suspended for the purpose of sterilization

In turn, the Jordanian newspaper, “Al-Ghad”, reported that the suspension of school hours affected 10 schools in the governorates of  Jerash and Ajloun .

and the Jordanian Minister of Health, Firas Al-Hawari, had said earlier that the Shigella bacterium is active in the fall, and infects children more.

Shigella causes intestinal infection, the most prominent symptom of which is diarrhea, which is usually bloody.

It can occur in childcare settings, where workers may not wash their hands well enough after changing diapers for children, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

Shigella can also be transmitted through contaminated food or by drinking or swimming in contaminated water.

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