The killer of the British MP, IS the son of a former adviser to the Prime Minister of Somalia

Harbi Ali Klan, the former advisor to the Prime Minister of Somalia, admitted that his son, “Ali Harbi Ali”, born 25 years ago in Britain, who holds her citizenship, and is detained by the Anti-Terrorism Service at Scotland Yard, was the one who stabbed 17 times that killed British MP David Amess while he was meeting on Friday. Al-Madi to a number of his voters, discussing with them their demands in a regular meeting, according to what was reported by the British newspaper “Sunday Times” in today’s issue.

An editor from the newspaper had visited the father at his sister’s house in London yesterday evening, and Klan, who found “Al” who described himself in “Twitter” also as a former adviser to the Prime Minister of Somalia, told him that members of the Counter-Terrorism Service visited him at the house as well, then he told an editor The newspaper, that what happened “is not something I expected, or even dreamed of, so I am very shocked,” as he put it.

The “Sunday Times” quoted unnamed intelligence sources as saying that the appellant was not on the radar of the MI5, known as a local military intelligence agency, which monitors more than 3,000 people, one of whom may be planning a terrorist attack, even though he is a known “self-extremist” lone activist. The Anti-Terror Police “was waiting for armed officers to arrive at the scene to arrest him after he had killed the vicar of a town/parish, Leigh-on-Sea, 40 km from London, in Essex, in the east of England.”

The police, as well as the security and intelligence services, believe that the deputy’s killer “acted alone, and may have turned to extremism via the Internet, especially during the closures imposed by the authorities due to the new “Corona”, so it is likely that he was motivated by Islamic extremism,” according to what early investigations have revealed so far. Which made security chiefs worried that his killing of the MP would encourage other extremists to launch similar and deadly attacks on other targets.” So, Home Secretary Priti Patel ordered the police to urgently review security arrangements for all MPs.

The Grand Mufti of Egypt condemns his murder

MP, Sir David Amis, the 69-year-old slain, is the father of a son and 4 daughters, and a Conservative MP for 40 years, the second MP to be killed since 2016 while meeting voters, after Labor MP Helen Joan Cox, who was stabbed to death that year Moreover.

Member of Parliament Ames was known for his inclination to the conservative social current, as he was a prominent opponent of abortion and an advocate of animal welfare issues. A disease that all countries of the world suffer from, which requires all of us to cooperate together at all levels in order to eliminate this imminent danger that threatens everyone.” Therefore, the police described the killing of the deputy as a terrorist act.

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