More than 40,000 demonstrators in France against the certificate of receiving the Corona vaccine

On Saturday, the French Ministry of the Interior counted more than 40,000 demonstrators who rejected the health certificate proving that they had received the Corona vaccine, confirming that 171 movements had been recorded on the 14th consecutive Saturday of mobilization.

The ministry said that five thousand demonstrated in Paris as part of four different rallies.

She pointed out that “the number of demonstrators is about 400 in Lyon, pointing out that “five people were arrested during the protests in the country, including three in Paris.”

The French authorities indicated that the number of demonstrators last Saturday was about 45,000 across the country, and more than 67,000, according to the activist organization.

Participation in these demonstrations has been steadily declining for several weeks.

On September 25, 60,000 people objected to the health certificate imposed by the government to curb the outbreak of Corona.

On Wednesday, the Council of Ministers approved the draft law that could extend the work of the health certificate until July 31.

“(The health certificate) will be dispensed with as soon as we are able to do so,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal said after the session.

The certificate became mandatory in France as of July 21 in places that receive more than 50 people, before it was also approved in hospitals, bars and restaurants to include on August 30, 1.8 million employees in direct contact with the public, and by the end of September, those aged between 12 and 17 years.

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