17 American Christian missionaries and their family members kidnapped in Haiti

The New York Times reported that 17 American Christian missionaries and members of their families were kidnapped by unknown persons, yesterday, Saturday, in the Haitian capital, Porto Prince.

The newspaper quoted Haitian security officials as saying that an unknown group had kidnapped “17 Christian missionaries from the United States and members of their families, including women and children.” She pointed out that the accident occurred after these people left an orphanage.

Details of the incident are still murky, but the newspaper wrote that the hijacking took place from the passenger bus heading to the airport, where a number of members of the group were expected to disembark.

The newspaper stated that the kidnappings of the rich in Haiti, which has been witnessing a “state of political turmoil”, has been going on for many years, and it is a recurring phenomenon in this country. But the abduction of such a large group of American citizens shocked local officials.

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