The United States… Injuries as a result of shooting in a stadium during a sports match in Alabama

US police confirmed that a number of people were injured in a shooting incident that occurred in a stadium during an American football match in Mobile, Alabama.

Mobil Police Chief Paul Brin confirmed to reporters that the accident, which occurred at the western exit of the “Lad Peoples” stadium during a match between two high school teams on Friday evening, left four injured, including a woman, pointing out that one of them suffered severe life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital in Critical condition.

Brin stated that the motives for the attack were unclear, and that the police had not yet made any arrests in connection with the incident, noting that two suspects fled the scene in a white car, but it is likely that only one of them fired shots.

Local media circulated footage showing a state of panic that prevailed in the stadium during the incident, as a large number of fans sought a safe shelter inside the corridors of the stadium.

Source: BNO 

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