Sisi reveals why Egypt lost $400 billion in 2011

Today, Saturday, the Egyptian President, Heid Al-Fattah Al-Sisi, revealed the reason for Egypt’s loss of 400 billion dollars in 2011.

During his speech at the opening of a group of alternative housing projects for unsafe areas, Sisi said: “The Egyptian state has suffered from the problem of those in charge of building awareness, by not describing the real causes of our problems.. People in unsafe areas are moved by the country, they will leave you and live only for the rich.”  

The Egyptian president added: “There is a committee that was formed to measure the direct losses that Egypt lost in 2011, and the losses amounted to 400 billion dollars, meaning 6 trillion pounds… Those who build awareness did not play their real role at this time, and the country was almost destroyed as other countries were destroyed. …just like a doctor who prescribes the wrong treatment based on a wrong medical examination.”  

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