Palestinian police seize huge quantities of drugs at the home of a dealer in Hebron (photos)

Today, Saturday, the Palestinian police, with the support and backing of the joint force of the security services, seized large quantities of narcotics inside the house of a merchant in the southern area of ​​Hebron.

Police media spokesman, Colonel Louay Irzeigat, said that based on accurate information available to the anti-drug police regarding the possession of a large amount of narcotic substances inside his home in the southern district of Hebron, the police immediately obtained a search warrant from the Public Prosecution to search the house and seize the house. What is the drug in it?

Irzeigat added that during the search operation, the police found more than 11 kg of a substance suspected of being hashish, more than 6.5 kg of a substance suspected of marijuana (hydro), and 1,000 pills of suspected ecstasy pills. Accordingly, these substances were seized and the owner of the house was arrested.

Erzeigat confirmed that the suspect was detained for 24 hours to complete the necessary legal procedures against him.

Irzeigat appealed to citizens to cooperate with the security services in their continuous measures aimed at fighting crime and prosecuting outlaws, and the need not to provide any assistance to them and to report their movements.

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