Lava tsunami devours town houses in La Palma

As Cumbre Vieja continues to erupt on the Spanish island of La Palma, some terrifying moments have emerged depicting a "lava tsunami" as it flowed toward a town on the island and devoured the town's homes.

Video footage recorded by the Canary Islands Volcanic Institute showed the dramatic moments of a river of lava flowing at the foot of the mountain and posted it on its Twitter site.

"One of our crew members was able to really photograph a ' tsunami ' of lava. Incredible speed during the lava flow," the institute said

The video shows the hot lava river flowing at high speed and shows buildings in its path as it heads towards the sea, devouring everything in its path.

Meanwhile, emergency services continue to monitor the latest lava flows from La Palma volcano , where there are two major lava "rivers".

The original river has 3 branches: two to the south of Mount Todok, one of which formed the lava delta, and the third located on the mountain.

The second branch of the Lava River is what worries the authorities on the island and researchers the most. It is located north of the original stream and moves in a northwest direction, with two lava streams attached to it, characterized by their high density and wide path.

The "lava tsunami" in La Palma caused the evacuation of up to 6,800 people since the beginning of the eruption, while the island's main airport is still open and operational so far.
However, the lava tsunami on the island destroyed more than 1,480 acres of land and about 1,600 buildings

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