Google warns of “Iranian and Russian hackers” stepping up their activities

The US company “Google” has warned that hackers, allegedly linked to the governments of Iran and Russia, have recently intensified their activities.

In an article published on its blog on Friday, Google touched on the activities of the Iranian hacker group known as APT35 or “Beautiful Cat”, noting that this group has been working for years to hack accounts, spread malware and exploit modern spying technologies in accordance with the interests of the Tehran government.

Google held this group responsible for hacking a website linked to a British university in early 2021, in order to exploit it to engage in fraudulent “phishing” activities through the services of major email companies such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Google indicated that Iranian hackers have been relying on this method since 2017 in order to target accounts belonging to governments, academia, journalists and non-governmental organizations.

The article stated that in the past two years, APT35 tried to spread spyware on Google Play and other similar electronic platforms, pointing out that these hackers often impersonate the organizers of anti-phishing events.

Google confirmed that since the beginning of 2021, it has issued more than 50,000 warnings to its consumers about the risk of their accounts being exposed to “phishing” supported by foreign governments, or hacking, which represents an increase of nearly 33% compared to what was in the same period last year.

Google explained that this visit often comes against the backdrop of the intensification of the activities of another hacker group known as APT28 or “Elegant Bear”, which the US government considers linked to Russian intelligence services.

This comes days after the American company “Microsoft” announced that hackers believed to be linked to Iran had successfully targeted companies specializing in defense technologies in the United States, Israel, and ports in Gulf countries.

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