“Al-Qassam” publishes pictures of the Israeli prisoners and confirms that they will not see the light except on conditions

Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayya said that the Israeli prisoners “will not see the light until our prisoners see freedom,” and stressed that the movement is ready for a prisoner exchange deal if Israel pays its dues.

Al-Hayya, head of the Hamas Arab and Islamic Relations Office, warned in a television interview on Al-Aqsa channel, “against the occupation’s sadistic behavior towards the prisoners and its treatment of the hunger strikers.”

Al-Hayya said: “As we live the anniversary of the tenth deal, we tell our prisoners that we are with you and we will not leave you alone in the face of the occupation’s behavior and its violations against you.”

Regarding the Cairo meetings, the leader of the “Hamas” movement said that they touched on several files, most notably how to develop the relationship with the brothers in Egypt, the file of the siege and reconstruction, and the file of prisoners, in addition to Israel’s violations.

He pointed out that there is a state of rapprochement between them and the Egyptians during the meetings, “in light of what is going on in the region between countries of advanced relations that seek to dissolve the differences between those countries.”

Regarding the truce, al-Hayya said, “What revolves around a long truce, our right is to end the occupation, and if there is any easing situation here or there, then the resistance is the one managing that, and truce has requirements on the path of comprehensive resistance with it, and there will be no free ceasefire.”

He stressed: “If the occupation does not abide by the entitlements, the situation will be on a hot plate at any time.”

Al-Qassam Brigades published on its account in “Telegram” pictures of four Israeli prisoners it held.

Source: Safa Agency

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