Life imprisonment for American millionaire Robert Durst

Los Angeles court has sentenced 78-year-old millionaire Robert Durst to life in prison for double murder.

Durst was convicted of the crime in 2000 to prevent his girlfriend, Susan Berman, from speaking to the police about the details of his wife’s disappearance.

Susan, 55, was found dead inside her Beverly Hills home, where she was shot in the head.

And the “HBO” television network, had prepared a documentary about Durst entitled “Jinks”, in the last clip, Durst seemed to be talking to himself, saying: “What did you do, you killed them all, of course.”

It should be noted that the millionaire was also accused of another brutal murder, of which he was acquitted in the early 2000s. Durst shot his neighbor, cut his body, and threw him into the sea. But his defense was able to prove that he was acting in self-defense.

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