Incredible scenes of the La Palma volcano… Ashes completely disrupted life

The repercussions of the erupting volcano still continuing today, after rivers of lava washed away many buildings, and the Spanish authorities issued orders to hundreds of residents to evacuate their homes, a video clip spread on social media showed life in that area

Ash dunes covered the streets of the island of the Canary Islands, after the volcano continued to spew smoke and lava for weeks.

Houses and streets were filled with ash, which disrupted life completely.

Two days ago, the authorities gave the residents of La Palma a few hours to empty the houses, after the burning lava flowed towards them.

It was reported that the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano began on September 19, destroying more than 800 buildings, while about 6000 people were forced to leave their homes on the island of about 83,000 people, one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

A flash of lightning was also seen near the erupting volcano last week, while lava washed away more than 370 acres of farmland, mostly banana plantations, one of the island’s main crops.

lava does not stop

It is noteworthy that despite the weeks since the eruption of the volcano on this small island, the lava has not stopped, and there are no indications of the end of its first eruption in 50 years.

In the past 100 years, the island has only experienced two eruptions: San Juan in 1949 and Tinguya in 1971.

La Palma relies heavily on the cultivation of bananas, its main resource with tourism, while today it lives with great concern about the impact of the eruption of this volcano on the agricultural sector, which occupies 10% of the island’s area of ​​​​70,000 hectares

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