In a new way .. Nokia reintroduces a “20-year-old” phone

Nokia intends to mobile phones to re-launch its famous phone “Nokia 6310”, in a new form, to mark the 20th anniversary of its launch.

Nokia said that the new phone will be in the form of the old phone, with a battery with a longer life, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, on Thursday.

The company did not forget to add the famous (Snake) game to the new model, knowing that it was a prominent general on the old phone when it was launched in 2001

And imposed the same technological developments on the new phone, as the buttons will be larger than before, and the menu on the screen will be larger in order to facilitate reading.

It is planned that the screen will be larger by about 2.8 inches compared to the previous version.

The new device will contain an FM radio, which helps the user to listen to the radio stations he prefers.

A Nokia spokesperson said that nostalgia makes the Nokia 6310 a perfect tonic.

He added that the phone has been updated to suit the new needs.

Users will be able to use the phone for weeks on end on a single charge, and the battery can run out after 21 days if left on standby.

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