Experts: China may overtake the United States in the air

The “Voice of America” ​​website said that military experts and leaders warn that Washington “may not be able to continue to rely always on its air superiority”, due to the acceleration of steps to modernize the Chinese army.

For decades, the US military has benefited from air superiority, as a result of the Pentagon’s investment of billions of dollars in advanced warplanes, weapons systems, satellites and aircraft carriers.

And he quoted statements made by General Charles Brown Jr., Chief of Staff of the Air Force, during the Air Force Association conference last month, in which he said that the Chinese army has “the largest aviation force in the Pacific and Beijing has developed it under our noses,” expecting China to overcome the air superiority of the United States. United States by 2035.

At the same event, General Clinton Henot, Deputy Chief of Staff, warned that the United States was not keeping pace with China’s progress, noting that “China has internalized US air power developments,” and warned that “the light is flashing red.”

Last week, China sent nearly 150 warplanes, including its most advanced J-16 fighter jets and H-6 bombers, to the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone, in a display of its military might.

“They collect packages of fighter jets, in particular the J-16, and they are moving in large numbers,” said Eric Higginbotham, principal research scientist at the Met Center for International Studies. 

Source: “Voice of America”

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