British MP stabbed to death in church

A British lawmaker from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party was stabbed multiple times on Friday by a man who entered a church meeting between the MP and members of his constituency.

Presented by David Ames (69 years), which represents Southend West in Essex in eastern England stabbed Friday afternoon in the Church of Blverz Baptist

Police forces entered the church and said they had arrested a man and were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Reuters quoted the police as saying that Representative Ames “received treatment at the hands of the emergency services, but unfortunately he died at the scene of the accident.”

“A 25-year-old person was quickly arrested after officers arrived at the scene on suspicion of involvement in the murder, and a knife was found,” it added

Ames was first elected to Parliament to represent Basildon in 1983, and then ran for election in Southend West in 1997

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