American hunts “living fossil” dating back 100 million years

Environmental reports in the United States said that an American man managed to catch a rare aquatic animal called “the crocodile fish” or a living fossil, which has not happened before.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this fish , known as the “living fossil”, was caught in the waters of the state of Kansas.

This fish has not been caught before, while it is not yet known how the aquatic animal reached this American region.

The crocodile fish caught weighs 17.9 kilograms, while its length is 1.37 meters.

Meanwhile, scientific data indicates that this type of aquatic animal dates back 100 million years.

The fish was caught by fisherman , Danny Lee Smith, in the Neosho River, on the 20th of last September

The fisherman was very happy to find the fish, saying that this only happens once in a lifetime.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks issued a statement about hunting this ancient marine animal.

It is expected that experts will conduct research in order to find out which state the crocodile fish came from, by relying on genetic elements.

This fish is characterized by what is known as “long snouts”, with a length of up to three meters, and a weight of 158 kilograms.

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